• Supporting Individuals and Couples in their Mental Health and Relationship Journeys.

     Now offering Individual Therapy and Accelerated Resolution Trauma Reprocessing Therapy.

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    Welcome to the Team! Veronica Benz MSW, RSW

    Veronica brings 8 years of experience working with individuals through difficult life journey’s.  Her compassionate nature is shown through her gentle demeanour.  Her passion lies in supporting adults and seniors in overcoming past childhood issues, trauma, anxiety and individual relationship issues.

    She is currently accepting new clients for individual counselling in person and online throughout Alberta.

    Your Mental Health is Important!

    We are currently accepting new clients for Individual and Couples therapy.

    “its Perfectly Okay to Admit You’re Not Okay” 
    We dream of a world where people do more than survive, they THRIVE in their life, love, work, and relationships. Everyone has a different idea of what their desired life is and it is our life’s mission to help you create the life and relationship you desire most.  Whatever is challenging you most right now, we are here to help.  What you will experience through therapy is someone to walk alongside you as you grow and become a healthier, happier you!  It is okay to not be okay, we are here to help.  Our team of therapists genuinely want to see you reach your goals in all aspects of your life’s journey.    

    We offer both Individual and Couple’s Therapy to support you through all challenges life presents.  

    Our Therapists offer a diverse set of skills to support individuals and couples with a variety of concerns including: 

    Affair/Betrayal Recovery

    Anxiety ( GAD, Phobias, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Social Anxiety)

    Assertiveness Skills


    Communication Issues 


    Depression (Mild, Moderate, Severe)

    Divorce/ Separation Consideration 

    Emotionally Abusive Behaviour 

    Family or Relationship Stress 

    Healthy Relationships/Dating

    Healing Past Hurts 

    Marriage/Relationship Concerns

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    Processing Past Childhood Issues 

    PSTD and Complex PTSD 

    Repeating Negative Patterns

    Self Esteem/Self Image 

    Self Parenting or “Reparenting”


    Work Stress 

    Getting Help

    While it can be difficult, sometimes even scary to seek help, everyone needs support at different points in their life’s journey. We believe providing support also includes seeking our own support when needed. Everyone can benefit from a safe, therapeutic environment to grow and develop. We believe counselling is an important part to a holistic and healthy life. You are not alone, We have all experienced struggle and the best way forward is to seek support. This means at our agency clients are supported through their challenges with empathy, compassion and genuine care and understanding.

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    Our Mental Health Agency

    This mental health agency was created with the belief that Individuals and Couples can truly have the life and relationship they desire with the right support and the right therapeutic fit.  We believe in finding the right therapist to meet your needs.  Our therapists focus on using their areas of strength to help you achieve the life and relationships you desire. While we understand that therapy can be an investment of time and finances,  we believe you and your mental health are important which is why we believe fundamentally in the value of a good therapeutic fit. We are always open to a brief conversation before starting counselling and discussion of any barriers to attending counselling, this is an imperative first step in helping to ensure that we are the right match therapeutically so you can feel, healthy, happy and confident.